What is a Roof Scarfer?

commercial roof repair remove spf roof scarfer scarfer

A roof scarfer, also known simply as a "scarfer" or "roof scarifying machine," is a specialized piece of equipment used in roofing and construction. Its primary function is to remove the top layer of spray foam roofing, from a roof in preparation for re-roofing or repairing. 

The scarfer typically consists of a motorized unit with a rotating drum or blade mechanism designed to shave or cut away the old SPF roofing material. It's often equipped with adjustable depth settings to control the amount of material removed in a single pass and to accommodate different roof coating materials.


Using a roof scarfer can significantly speed up the process of removing foam roofing materials compared to manual methods like hand scraping or tearing. This efficiency can be particularly valuable for large roofing projects or when dealing with roofs with multiple layers of old material that need to be stripped away before new roofing can be installed.

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