AGB 5040 Pro Kit

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Equipped with exclusive QuikChange Lowers, the Big Rig sprayer can easily be customized for each coating - eliminating the need to purchase additional rigs.

This Heavy-Duty Graco Hydraulic System is faster with more responsive changeover time and high-precision pressure control.

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AGB Weatherproofing can bring you top of the line equipment at baseline prices. This package includes everything you’ll need, no need to purchase piece by piece.

  • 12 Gallon Hopper
  • Silver Plus Gun with Flat Tip and Guard
  • Swivel Adapter
  • Rac XHD GB Guard
  • Cylinder GB Tip #XHD629
  • .25 Meter Tube Extension
  • Heavy Duty Valve Ball
  • Swivel

* Hose not included, AGB experts will recommend hose based on your needs.