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The Roof Scarfer is a valuable tool to be used for removing spray foam roofing system as part of job prep, or for repairs and regular replacements. 

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Sooner or later when you are out on the job you will come to a site where the spray foam roof will be at the end of its lifecycle.

When this happens you have two options:

  1. You can hire your crew to perform a labor-intensive job by tearing it off. This option will cost you time and can be very expensive.
  2. The second option would be to use the Roof Scarfer to grind down the old foam roof, quickly and efficiently.

How Does the Roof Scarfer Work on Spray Foam?
As you pull the Roof Scarfer, it will cut ½ inch or 1 inch of spray foam from the surface of the old foam roof. If that is not enough, and you need to cut it deeper, simply complete another pass over the surface on the newly exposed layer.

You will want to repeat the cutting process until you cannot see any more saturated foam. Typically this means you will only need to cut less than ½ in from the surface.

The major benefit of the Roof Scarfer is that a single worker can cut roughly 1,000 square feet of spray foam in just 1 hour. This will save you valuable time and money on every job!

The roof repair or replacement time is drastically shortened with reduced risk of issues resulting from the weather while the construction process is underway.

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